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Is Your Child Going To Kindergarten This Year? 3 Tips To Ease The Enrollment Process

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Sending your child off to kindergarten is a huge milestone. Whether you've been looking forward to this moment for years or are feeling apprehensive, you'll find that the first step you have to get through is the enrollment process. Most schools have a set of things that must be accomplished before a child is considered to be enrolled in the program, and you may find that the process can sometimes get complicated. As you get ready for your child's first big day, you can use these tips to get them enrolled and begin the transition to their first official year of school.

Bring Essential Registration Documents

Kindergarten enrollment is the time when schools and early childhood education programs gather essential information about the children who will attend their classes. Typically, you will need to provide some sort of proof of your child's identification and age since most schools require kids to be around four or five before they can attend the program. In most cases, a birth certificate is the preferred document for your child's age. You may also need to bring in proof of your address such as a recent utility bill if the school has requirements such as district boundaries to follow. 

Ask About Additional School Requirements

If you do not have the preferred documents, then you may need to contact the school to find out what might be accepted instead. For instance, passports are sometimes accepted as a child's proof of age if a birth certificate is not readily available. Most schools also have requirements in place for vaccinations or physicals. You may need a copy of your child's immunization record or be required to request an exemption if it applies to the situation. Having everything already in hand makes the kindergarten enrollment process faster.

Plan for a Chance to Meet the Teacher

Your child's enrollment is also the best time to begin asking questions about the transition to their first year of school. If your child's school offers a chance to meet the teacher during enrollment, then plan to bring your child and allow for enough time for them to get acquainted. If your child's school does a meet the teacher night on another date, then plan to attend. Meanwhile, you can still use the enrollment process as a chance to let them check out part of the school and meet the staff members who are present.

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