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Types Of Children Who Do Well At Montessori Child Care Centers

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Montessori is a child-led approach to learning that's suitable for most children, but some kids are especially well-suited for this approach. Here are a few types of children who usually do well at Montessori child care centers.

Academically Gifted Children

Since the Montessori philosophy lets children take the lead in their learning, it gives academically gifted children plenty of opportunities to take responsibility and experience success. 

Children decide how fast to progress and how much to challenge themselves, which puts them in control of their learning. This sense of control leads to a sense of self-driven responsibility and, when a new challenge is mastered, true achievement. As children experience more success in their achievements, they'll take on bigger and bigger challenges.

Such experience is beneficial to any child, but it's especially helpful for academically gifted children who will experience a lot of success. The Montessori approach maximizes the amount of success they can have while in child care, and all of those experiences will lay a solid foundation for taking on larger challenges later in life.

Children Interested in Non-Traditional Subjects

By providing a space where children can direct their own learning, Montessori child care centers also cater to children who are interested in non-traditional subjects. While subject areas like reading, writing, math, and science are all encouraged, there's also plenty of chances for kids to pursue art, music, cultural interests, or other areas that get less attention in some programs.

Giving a child plenty of chances to pursue non-traditional subjects at a young age can have a particularly significant impact on a child who excels in these other subjects. Going through a child care center that uses the Montessori approach will teach these kids that their talents and interests have value — and just as much value as those traditional subjects at that.

Children Who Are Constantly Moving

Montessori child care centers cater to children who are constantly moving in two ways. First, the less structured style of a Montessori child care center provides ample room and time for children to move about. They don't need to constantly sit still in a chair, but they can get up to walk, dance, or even run (when appropriate).

Second, many children who are constantly moving are kinesthetic learners that prefer to explore subjects in a hands-on way. The Montessori approach incorporates lots of hands-on learning opportunities in all subject areas for these children.

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