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Are You Worried About The Effects Of Driving Under The Influence? 3 Benefits Of Completing A DUI Assessment

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Driving under the influence of alcohol is unsafe, and the courts take this type of charge seriously. Today, more is known about the importance of helping DUI offenders to get the treatment that they need to stop using alcohol while driving. While having to deal with a DUI charge is upsetting, it is essential to follow every recommendation that is given to you by either the court or your lawyer. DUI assessments are often recommended to help determine the right method for helping someone to correct their behaviors, and you'll get these three benefits from choosing to complete yours.

Find Out If You May Have an Alcohol Use Disorder

Right now, you might feel like there is nothing wrong with how much alcohol drink or you may be wondering if perhaps you've crossed a line. You might even suspect that you do have a substance misuse disorder. In all of these cases, finding out the truth helps you make the best decisions for your health and safety. DUI alcohol assessments are meant to punish you. Instead, they involve you working with a counselor to figure out if you might need help overcoming a possible addiction. If all appears to be fine, then you still benefit from learning more about what might have led to you drinking and driving.

Demonstrate a Desire to Change to the Court

A DUI conviction can be devastating for your future. This type of charge is often accompanied by severe penalties such as the loss of your license, fines, and jail time. You could even lose your job if it requires you to have a clean driving record. If you are referred for an assessment, this typically means that the judicial system with which you are working with is based upon the belief that it is better to help people than punish them. Depending upon the results of the assessment, the judge may provide you with options that impact the long term consequences of a conviction on your life. For instance, a judge may opt for you to complete an approved treatment program rather than spend time in jail.

Get Targeted Treatment With a Personalized Plan

Every person's relationship with alcohol is different. Some people need months of inpatient counseling to overcome a lengthy addiction. Others might only need to go to an alcohol education class that has a focus on driver safety. The best way to know which strategies work for you is to complete a DUI assessment. The report that you receive following your assessment gives you an outline of what types of care will help you avoid ever having another DUI.